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 Rules Changes 

Registration must be paid by first game, if not paid by second game $50 late fee enforced, if not paid by third game team is suspended until full amount is paid in full.
No refunds/No Exceptions once you are registered to play and have paid there will be no refunds given. 
Roster's are closed at the first game 
Player's may be added to the roster up until the 4th game as long as a player is also dropped.
Once a player is dropped, that player cannot be added back to the roster that season. 
No roster additions after the 4th game.
Single table / no playoffs - best team for the season wins the championship
Schecule Changes 
All schedule changes must be turned in two weeks prior to game requesting schedule change
A $50 fee must be paid by team requesting the schedule change 
Blue Cards
 1st/2nd team blue card - 2 minute penalty
3rd team blue card - play man down rest of game
4th team blue card - forfeit
Administrative blue cards (chewing gum, jumping wall, bench dissent) do not count toward team blue card total.
If a team is up at least 5 goals in the second half, and the goalie comes across the mid-line, the goalie shall be issued a blue card. 
Due to the number of issues with minors playing in Adult leagues, ALL minors are on probation this season. If there are incidents with minors this season, I will strongly consider banning all minors from participating in Adult leagues. Minors must be 16 years of age to play in adult league.
Gentleman's Rule
If a team is up by at least 5 goals in the second half, it is requested that the team play a man down for the duration of the game.

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